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Светодиодные светильники ФОКУС доступны европейским покупателям

Светодиодные светильники фокус доступны для заказа жителям Западной Европы. Поставку и дальнейшее гарантийное обслуживание изделий осуществляет представительство компании - ООО «Бельгийский свет» www.svet.be. При содействии европейского представительства фокус покупатели будут получать консультации, расчет освещенности и быстро получать заказанную продукцию.

светодиодные светильники фокус в европе

С появлением нового представителя компании фокус выходит на европейский рынок с продукцией высокого качества и конкурентоспособными ценами. На сегодняшний день реализовано несколько знаковых проектов, которые позволят воочию убедится в превосходстве светодиодных изделий российской торговой марки. Работа по продвижению светодиодных светильников фокус на международном рынке будет продолжена.

led светильники фокус в европе

светодиодное освещение в европе

led освещение в ервопе

внешнее светодиодное освещение в европе

внутреннее светодиодное освещение в европе

led lighting production company focus is now available to order for the residents of Western Europe. Delivery and further provides warranty services of the Company’s «FOCUS -Belgian Light» www.svet.be. With the assistance of the European Representative Office FOCUS; buyers will receive a consultation, the calculation of light and quickly get the order. With the advent of a new representative company focus is going to enter the European market with the highest quality products and competitive prices.

Company Focus organized in 2004 in Fryazino Moscow region. Fryazino — has the status of science city. Experience in electronics from 1999 to the military-industrial complex. The company began its activities with the development and manufacture of electronics for special lighting equipment. In parallel, the company led the research and testing in the field of optoelectronics, including the direction of energy-efficient led lighting and alternative power.

For many years, we have analyzed the market of manufacturers of power LEDs in Russia and abroad, according to test results the company has identified the main producers of high quality LEDs and electronic components. The company, focus has signed with them long-term partnerships. Professional-quality business leaders and a clear strategy of building a modern manufacturing and customer focus has enabled the company focus to become a leader not only in the Russian market, but also cause a serious interest in our LED products in the world.

We appreciate the honest relationship and we value our reputation as a reliable partner. To date, the Company focus performs a full production cycle, from product development to implement them in life. We have a lot of innovation, patents, and implemented projects in energy conservation and environmental protection. Conducted serious research — research papers, has its own lighting laboratory.

The company has a lot of attention paid to the quality of output and quality control stability. We constantly strive for excellence of its products and develop new technologies. All products are, thoroughly tested and certified quality. Production is protected against tampering and forgery in the form of various digital and brand marks and holograms.

The company produces products that meet the stated specifications, and have a high resource reliability. These products operate on the various sites, confirmed the superiority and the prospects of led technology. Now the company produces standard street LED lamps series, USS Highway, industrial lighting series USS and a «High Bay» (with different types of mounting and voltage), lighting for indoor series SPO, LED spotlights a series of PS white and colored glow lights for the needs of utilities, based on light sources with a luminous efficiency of more than 110 lumens / watt.

The service life of these products is more than 70000 hours, which is the result of the use of advanced Japanese technology corporation nichia. In products of focus apply their own innovative solutions unparalleled in the world such as:

  • Temperature control system that avoids overheating;
  • Electronic fuse;
  • led driver control their own production on the basis of completing the world’s leading manufacturers who are constantly improving.